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I scour the FX markets for the best play, crunch the charts and the numbers, then send you an easy to follow email and SMS with a specific instruction just like you’ve seen in this letter.

• Flash updates when positions change:

When a move is swinging in our favour and it’s time to cash in our gains, I’ll send you a quick email and SMS to give you all the details. You’ll never be on the wrong side of a move.

• Weekly “state of the markets” trading wrap-ups:

I’ll break down the latest market news and tell you the latest on each of our positions in these compact, info filled weekly email wrap-ups.

• FREE Forex Trader Insider’s Guide and Trading Manual:

I do all the work. I lay out exactly what you need to do in each trading email I send. But I want you to have the full story on how FX trading works too. So I’m prepared to include this report for you. Read it over and you’ll have all you need to know to trade FX like a champ.

• FREE Forex Trader Quick-Start Guide:

This report answers your questions and gets you going fast. In plain English, this powerful document is your step-by-step roadmap to maximising your profit potential in this “sub-niche” and minimising your risk in the world’s largest and most profitable investment market. I’ll also send you a list of the very best currency futures brokers out there.

In no time, you could be raking in Forex profits that beat anything you could find in some book or some crazy course.

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