Foschini Products Offer Stylish Fashion And Quality Solutions

Foschini is one of the famous supermarkets in South Africa, which was established in SA in 1992. Foschini Group is a South African JSE accredited retail clothing group, that trades within various brands and even has over 3,000 outlets in its portfolio. It is headquartered at Parow near Cape Town. The main product offerings from Foschini include food, grocery, medical, general merchandise, confectionary, Italian goods, grocery, kid’s food, preschool and tea. The supermarket chain employs over 1700 people, who are mostly recruited from amongst the schools, orphanages, house wives, farmers and former convicts. The main manufacturing areas of Foschini are Johannesburg, Polokwane, Mpumorphie, Clifton and Masiphumelele.


The Foschini supply chain follows the four phases named Pre-POM (Pre-Purposes Of Marketing); Pre-Operate (Planning); Post-operate (After operatic); and finally, Sales. Foschini’s core competence lies in the area of medical and food science. It creates a healthy environment for their customers through its organic products and fresh ingredients. Apart from food and medicine, Foschini also deals with confectionary, hygiene, general merchandise, grocery and other consumer products.

The Foschini business model has been built on solid fundamentals. The first one is the strong foundation, or better known as the customer satisfaction strategy, which has driven the success of the South African Foschini brand throughout the years. Foschini’s sales drive follows a simple formula. The first step is to identify the customer, understand their needs, requirements and tastes. Then build a supply chain that provides the customer with the right products and the right place to buy them.

Building a good supply chain begins with identifying your customer. Customers in the south African fashion industry are hungry for choice. They want to know what is new, where to get the best value for their money and how to become trendsetters. With this in mind, Foschini creates opportunities to showcase the latest in south African fashion through exhibitions and launches. The second step towards building a successful business is to work closely with their suppliers to create a seamless customer experience.

Foschini has an extensive network of thousands of suppliers all across the country who can be trusted to deliver quality goods at the lowest prices. By working with these suppliers you are also able to build a strong customer success story. Each supplier has a unique relationship with the company and can create a variety of different opportunities for your business. Through the Foschini website you can gain access to the supplier’s full range of products through an intuitive portal, view the entire online catalogue at one time and request a quote directly from them, making it simple to keep in touch with your suppliers for any additional information.

The company works with retailers as well as suppliers to provide a diverse range of solutions. If you have a business that needs something to improve your online retail store, contact Foschini immediately. Foschini prides itself on being a global fashion label and one of the most recognised brands in the world. The range of accessories, footwear and kitchenware that is available from the company is expansive. In fact, Foschini has four different lines of footwear that cater for different tastes and preferences. With a full service portfolio, Foschini is the ideal platform for online retail.

There is no doubt that Foschini is a company with a vision, one that wants to bring its customers closer to its mission and vision. To achieve this vision, the Foschini brand offers a full service portfolio of promotional items and gift cards. By creating a seamless customer experience by delivering gifts and vouchers from the point of purchase, customers are more likely to engage with a business and return for more. With a range of gift cards available, customers can choose from a wide selection of different products, ensuring that they are able to find the items that they want.

To ensure that Foschini remains on top of the fashion industry, all of the products are designed to be long lasting. This is important because customers want to hold on to products that they know will offer excellent value for their money. Because Foschini designs are bespoke, they create an impact that lasts. Consumers want a product that is not just stylish but also reliable, durable and high quality. In essence, they want a long term product that is worth buying and will continue to provide value for years to come. With a range of products that are suitable for men, women and children, Foschini really does have everything to offer its customers.