Handcrafted Hekel to Rand Diamonds – The Best in Handcrafted Jewelry

It’s time for Shekel to Rand. The world’s leading importers of handmade luxury accessories, Shekel to Rand has been creating smiles for women all over the globe since 1987. For those who don’t know, Shekel to Rand is owned by the De Beers family. For more than one hundred years, Shekel to Rand has been providing its millions of customers with the highest quality luxury accessories, handcrafted in the finest workshops. They are known for their exclusive styles, attention to detail and their superior craftsmanship. Handmade in Israel and made using only the best wood, stone and metals, Shekel to Rand handcrafted jewellery has become a favourite of celebrities, royalty and fashionistas around the world.

shekel to rand

It is Shekel to Rand which is responsible for many of the world’s most valuable handmade works of art – including bookends, rings, pendants, bangles and cufflinks. In fact, they have just released their latest collection entitled “Words of Love”. This stunning collection of Shekel to Rand accessories is available online now and it features a mix of traditional handcrafted designs and contemporary modern styles. Here are some of the items which you’re bound to fall in love with…

If you want to buy Shekel to Rand diamond engagement rings, then you’re in luck! Shekel to Rand offers four popular diamond styles. Their biggest hit is the brilliant cut, which is made using five facets. The brilliant cut is also the most expensive of the diamond styles, but you can be sure it won’t be outside your budget. A simple solution to the problem of scarcity of diamonds in the traditional diamond shape is to purchase diamond alloy with a higher carat.

Want to wear a beautiful Shekel to Rand handcrafted pendant? You’ll love this one! It is basically a ring crafted from Shekel to Rand silver. However, there’s more to this stunning piece than just plain silver. Rather, this piece is crafted from 18 karat gold, giving it a richness not found in any other metal.

Want to wear a Shekel to Rand ring with an ethnic motif? First, you must be familiar with the culture of Israel and its Jewish heritage. Many Jewish families proudly own Shekel to Rand rings – and these are not simple knockoffs, but real rings, passed down through the generations. It would be a real shame if you decided to throw this precious gift away because you can’t afford it.

Want to add Shekel to Rand diamonds to your collection of handcrafted jewelry? You don’t have to! Just as there are many different styles available, there are also many different sizes of diamonds in which to set them. Some are quite large, so if you want a ring to be showy, go for a larger size. And some of them are small and barely noticeable.

The finest of Shekel to Rand diamonds are set in round brilliant cut, as the stone appears flawless. This style is used for Shekel to Rand engagement rings, but it’s also used for wedding sets. Another option is princess cut diamonds. These are smaller, but they still create a dazzling effect.

A ring crafted in this way will not only make you the envy of every girl on the street, but it will also last forever. Since Shekel to Rand diamonds are handmade, they’re guaranteed to never lose their luster. They’re also eco-friendly, so you know you’re doing your part in preserving nature. When it comes to a truly unique diamond, Israel offers some of the best handcrafted jewelry in the world, including Shekel to Rand diamonds.